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From Iowa to San Francisco : And back again

We Love This Place

it’s called magnolia -  a brewery located in the haight.

we stumbled upon it in november the day after joel proposed. once our names were crossed off the chalkboard which serves as the to-be-seated list, we were sat next to a couple in their thirties, with an adorable little girl. lunching (yes, new verb) next to them was a blessing, as we conversed with them about traveling, adoption, life experience and living in the city. we walked away feeling warm and content, they way you do after encountering good people and life. little did we know we’d be frequenting this place again, let alone living within a 20 minute bus ride.

the ambience is right up our alley :  naturally lit by large windows looking onto the street, hanging chalkboards for the beer menu, an old porcelain sink in the back, and black booths and wooden tables placed closely together, because real estate doesn’t come cheap in this 7 mile x 7 mile city.

so we went back on tuesday, on our bronchitis infected honeymoon. for 60 magical minutes, our coughing, wheezing and running noses ceased. we felt like we could run a marathon and sing at the top of our lungs with no problem whatsoever, all thanks to this corner pub. Not Really, Duh. but it was great to be out of the house, trying some new local beers, and eating bacon wrapped figs, stuffed with goat cheese (YUM!)

looking forward to attempting to make the above appetizer, return to magnolia and try many more places throughout the city. 

side note: you may (or may not) be happy to know that i am fully recovered, and joel is said to be a day or two away from being cough-free. hooray!

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